7.20.20 Meal Prep Monday: Chicken Fingers and Veg

Hello friends!! It’s Monday again, which means it’s time for another meal prep πŸ™‚ I’ve been missing my college friends lately, and that’s what inspired this week’s meal prep: chicken fingers, roasted potatoes, broccoli and carrots, and my fav dipping sauce.

In college, my friends and I had so much fun, but the memories that have stuck with me the most were our times spend cooking together. We’d put on a record (usually White Women by Chromeo, it’s still a jam) and cook whatever we had just gotten at the store, or whatever we had, which usually ended up being boxed mac and cheese, dino chicken nuggets, and carrots. Nothing fancy, we were broke college kids, but it was always tasty. I subbed the mac and cheese for potatoes since I had some extra from last week and I didn’t have noodles and cheese, made my own chicken tenders, and added some broccoli since I love it, but it still made me smile when I heated it all up today.

The Details

  • Chicken tenders – simply chicken cut into strips, sprinkled with salt, paprika, and garlic powder, dipped in flour, then egg, then Italian breadcrumbs and baked at 425* for ~10 minutes until the internal temp reaches 165*
  • Roasted potatoes – a bit of oil and sea salt, then roasted at 425* until golden brown and cooked through
  • Pre-cut broccoli and carrots – I’ll roast these every day for lunch, and use that time (and pan!) to heat up the chicken and potatoes so everything is delicious and cripsy when it comes time to eat
  • My fav dipping sauce – just ketchup, mayo, and something spicy, sometimes with some spices. This time I used garlic chili paste for the spicy component, and didn’t use any spices since I was hungry and in a hurry. It happens sometimes!

Simple, easy, and something you’re excited about is the best for meal prep! It might look like a children’s plate, but maybe that’s the best part πŸ™‚ Let me know what you’ve made this week if you meal prep, or even if you don’t!

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