7.27.20 Meal Prep Monday: Open Faced Sandwiches

Hi friends! I’m pooped today after a busy yet great weekend. We had some friends come to stay and had a bunch of people come over to see them, which was so fun. We had taco night (yum! check out the pics below) which went over really well, and I made a french toast casserole which still needs a few tweaks, but it was a good start! After all that I wanted an easy meal prep, so I basically just wandered around the fridge to see what we had leftover and made one of my fav meal preps: open faced sandwiches!

When COVID first started, I made this exact prep for two weeks in a row because I wanted something that was easy and it was something that reminded me of our last trip to Europe! We had Smørrebrød in Denmark (pictured below!) and it’s so simple, delicious, and customizable! This week I used leftover pulled chicken from taco night, some cheese, green onions, and I’ll add avocado as soon as they’re ripe all on top of some delicious sourdough bread. Pop that into the oven for a bit, and the cheese gets melty and the bread toasts and it’s the best lunch. Definitely not traditional Smørrebrød, but still amazing, especially with some roasted veg on the side. And, a tip that I’ve learned, is that putting the cheese between the bread and chicken keeps the moisture from the chicken from making the bread soggy. It’s great!

So, here’s all the details if you want to make your own open faced sandwiches:

  • Sourdough – any kind of good bread will work! I’m using storebought this week, but homemade is amazing
  • Pulled chicken – I combined chicken and salsa in the crockpot and cooked it on high for ~6 hours until it could be easily shreaded. It’s good for so many things!
  • Cheese – I’ve got pepperjack, but anything that melts will work
  • Avocado – because it’s delicious (and we had it on hand for taco night but they didn’t ripen on time whoops)
  • Green onions – they are great on basically everything!

Traditionally, these are made with rye bread, so I know that a lot of people wouldn’t consider this prep Smørrebrød, and that’s okay! It’s inspired by the delicious food I got to eat in Denmark and that’s good enough for me 🙂 I hope you all have a great week!

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