Preserved Lemons

Preserved lemons are something I keep seeing at specialty grocery stores and have been curious about, but the price always kept me from buying them. Were they really work $17 for a small jar?? Turns out, the answer is no because you can so easily make them yourself! It definitely takes longer than running to the store and buying them, but it’s worth the effort.


it almost feels like cheating to call this a recipe, but here’s what’s involved:

  • the jar – you’ll want a decently sized jar that has a well fitting lid. these will hang out on your counter for a while, then go in the fridge so you want something that can do it all. bonus points if it looks cute while doing it all too!
  • the lemons – this is one of the few times that I’ll recommend getting organic produce. since you end up eating the entire lemon, you want to make sure it’s high quality
  • the salt – this is what really does the preserving! it’ll seem like you’re using too much but I promise you’re not

This recipe is really more of a guideline, but I promise it’ll be perfect if you follow a few simple steps!

Preserved Lemons

Preserved Lemons

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Additional Time: 28 days
Total Time: 28 days 10 minutes

Curious about Preserved Lemons but hesitant to buy them? You can so easily make them yourself! It definitely takes longer than running to the store and buying them, but it's worth the effort.


  • 1 very clean jar, with a well fitting lid
  • as many lemons as fit in your jar, plus 2-3 extras
  • kosher salt


  1. prep the lemons: cut a bit off of the end of each lemon you'll be preserving. you want to remove where the stem was attached without exposing the fruit inside. then, standing teh lemon up on one of the cut sides, cut the lemon almost in half so that it's still joined right above where you cut the bit off. rotate the lemon and repeat so that you have 4 quarters all joined just at the bottom
  2. add the salt: gently open each lemon and pour a generous amount of salt into the inside. place the prepared lemons into your clean jar, adding an additional spoonful or two of salt every couple of lemons. repeat with all of the lemons you'll be preserving
  3. pack the jar: using the back of a spoon, press the lemons into the jar, releasing their juices. the lemons should be covered with liquid, but if they're not, add the lemon juice from the additional lemons until they are.
  4. preserve: leave the lemons in the jar with the lid slightly undone for 3-4 weeks. give them a stir every few days. be sure not to close the lid tightly at this point as gasses could build up and make a mess!
  5. enjoy! after 3-4 weeks they should be delicious and ready to use! at this point, close the lid tightly and store in the fridge basically indefinitely.


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